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Introducing the book- My Burma Memoirs

Mu Ramanathan

(Talk delivered during the launching of the book at Hong Kong on 20 Feb, 2010)

I am extremely delighted to stand on this stage in front of three luminaries. Honorable Mr. L D. Ralte, the Consul General of India, the first Indian citizen of this city-state Hong Kong, a senior most diplomat by profession, but an unassuming and a simple person. Today four associations have joined hand together; they represent the entire Tamil community of Hong Kong and a considerable cross section of the Indian community. When Mr J V Ramani and Mr M Arunachalam sought an appointment of the Consul General with the presidents of these four associations, he simply told them, ‘I am excited in joining with you and your associations in felicitating the great man living amongst us; and do not make me feel as an outsider by extending a formal invitation’. Let me tell you, at least as far as I know, no diplomat of his stature has forgone these types of protocols. Thank you, sir.