Life has always been interesting, challenging and never had a dull moment.

Living in Hong Kong for over a decade and chances of reading about China and East Asia have prompted me to write occasional Tamil articles in The Hindu-TamilThinnaiDinamaniKalachuvadu and Vaarththai on these subjects. Besides that, there are some articles about contemporary Tamil literature.

I have had chances to listen to great Tamil orators. Influenced, I have also been trying. The Talks page has some of my recent attempts. 

I have edited and compiled two books, Burma Memoirs and Ilakkya Velli.

Continuous professional development is necessary for all professions, and civil engineering is no exemption. The Learning Exercise page is a brief list of my learning and training, and recent technical papers and technical talks.

Some of my involvements and contributions to three of the Hong Kong Tamil associations can be found here.

You can hear some more drum-beats over here.

Some of my recent articles: